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What you should know about buying a Diamond

Diamond. The word alone conjures up a thousand images: rare, precious, desirable, beautiful, sparkling tokens of love. When buying a diamond, it is vitally important to know about the four factors that determine the value of a diamond, collectively known as the Diamond 4Cs. They are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Together, the 4 C’s determine a diamond’s value. It is essential to learn about each of the .

What You Should Know About Cultured Pearls

Pearls have been a source of fascination and desire since ancient times. Viewed as magic charms, symbols of purity and love, or sources of wisdom and power, pearls have been revered by countless civilizations. The cultured pearl begins its life as an irritant to the oyster. To protect itself the oyster coats an intruding object or grain of sand with nacre, a crystalline substance that builds up over time, .

Caring for Your Pearl Jewelry

Throughout the ages, fine pearl jewelry has been prized for its deep luster and natural beauty. As precious gemstones, pearls do require care to preserve their appearance. If cared for properly cultured pearls can be treasured for a lifetime. Since pearls are organic gems, they are sensitive to chemicals and harsh environment conditions. Also, because pearls are soft compared to other jewelry, they should be stored and handled with .