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What You Should Know About Birthstones

Just about everyone knows what their birthstone is. Why is that? Because people still enjoy folklore associated with the tradition of the birthstone. They like believing that wearing a birthstone brings them good luck and protects them. Early civilization as far back as far back as 1400 BC invested rare and beautiful gemstones with magical powers. Some minerals were thought to have a force or possess certain values and .

What you should know about Colored Gemstones

Beauty. Rarity. Durability. These attributes attract us to colored gemstones for personal adornment and make gemstones valuable and precious. Colored gemstones provide the opportunity for unique personal expression. Characteristics of Colored Gemstones Beauty – Most colored gemstones derive their beauty from their color – purples, blues, greens, yellows, oranges, reds. In certain colored gemstones color occurs naturally. Satisfying hues are intrinsic in some garnets, for example. The natural beauty .

What you should know about fine jewelry metals

For centuries we have been drawn to the beauty, rarity and romance of gold, platinum and silver. Along with more recently developed alternative metals, these materials continue to be used to create fine jewelry that represents the most important milestones, celebrations, achievements, and events in our lives. This guide from Jewelers of America explains what you should know about metals when shopping for fine jewelry. Gold, Platinum, & Silver .