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All of our repairs* are done in-house by our licensed jeweler. Ron Fagan has been doing jewelry repair for over 20 years now and has gained a stellar reputation throughout the area for his craftsmanship and quality of work.

Our jewelry repair covers many different areas and the following is just a general guideline to the different types of repairs and services we offer in our store. If you have a specific question or repair you need done, but don’t find it listed here, please give us a call and we will do our best to help in anyway we can.

Jewelry Repair

Ring Sizing

We never stretch any ring other than die struck wedding bands. When sizing up we add a piece of gold or the type metal called for. By adding metal we maintain the original size of your ring shank. We also use a dovetail approach when adding the sizing metal to the ring. This makes for a much stronger repair that very seldom ever breaks as opposed to the standard butt joint sizing method which most jewelers use.

Shank Repairs

Ring shanks can bend and sometimes just get worn too thin to undergo an adequate repair. In these cases we can replace half or all of the shank as needed. Estimate only.

Additional Ring Repairs
  • Solder breaks in ring
  • Solder rings together
  • Straighten ring and refinish
  • Separate two rings and refinish
  • Add sizing bumps at 4:00 & 6:00 to stop rings from turning
  • Remove and replace gemstones
  • Polish & Rhodium finish

Prong Repair & Re-Tipping

We see a lot of rings with missing stones because the customer didn’t take the time to have their ring inspected. The tips or top of the prongs will wear out eventually and will have to be rebuilt.

We use solid gold tips that are soldered onto the top of each prong. This method works very well and looks like new if performed properly and in many cases will outlast the original prongs because we actually add more gold than the original prong. Many jewelers will simply ball up a piece of gold solder and retip the prong only using solder, which will only last a fraction of the time solid gold tips will last.

In some cases where the tips have actually broken off below the surface of the stone we may choose to replace the entire prong or head instead of just the tip in order to produce a better end result.

NOTE: Only diamond, ruby, and sapphires will withstand the heat of a torch when re-tipping. All other stones will have to be removed or sent to be laser welded to complete the repair.

Chain Repairs

  • Solder Broken Chains Back Together (all chain types)
  • Replace Clasps (soldered on)
  • Install Magnetic Clasps
  • Adjust Clasps
  • Clean and Polish

Pendant Repairs

  • Solder Breaks
  • Replace Bail
  • Solder Charms onto Charm Bracelet
  • Clean and Polish

Stone Setting

We can set any gemstone from a diamond to an opal. Estimate only.

Computerized Engraving

Add a personal touch to your next gift or purchase!

We offer Computerized Engraving, which allows you to personalize your item of choice. Just bring your item in to get a free quote today! We have hundreds of fonts, symbols, and images to choose from. Want to create a personalized image? Just bring in a sketch and we’ll let you know if we can turn it into an engravable image!

Engraveable Items
  • Trophies/Awards
  • Charms
  • Bracelets
  • Watches
  • Money Clips
  • Key Chains
  • Pet Tags
  • Picture Frames
  • Flasks
  • Zippo Lighters
  • Special order glass items
  • and more…

Inside Ring Engraving

Add that special touch to you or your loved one's ring.

More info coming soon!

Watch Batteries & Repair

We offer repair and service on all quartz watches and will replace your watch batteries while you wait!

Regular Batteries: $10
All batteries are guaranteed for up to one year.

Pearl Stringing & Restringing

Pearls-1024x682No matter how well you take care of your pearls if you have worn them for several years they will eventually need to be restrung. Clytie has been stringing pearls for over twenty years now, so when you bring your pearls here you can know they are in good hands.

One question we hear on a regular basis is, when should I get my pearls restrung?

Our answer is always the same, it depends on how long it has been since they were restrung and how often they have been worn. Having said that no matter how well you take care of your pearls if you have worn them for several years they will eventually need to be restrung.

After restringing, if strung properly your pearls will appear tight and slightly shorter but they will stretch from wear. They may even appear kinked but this will straighten out.

Just as with jewelers there are people restringing pearls that aren’t trained properly. Clytie has been stringing pearls for over twenty years and she excels at making sure all the knots are the same size, with just the right tension between the pearls. She uses a nylon thread which is stronger and last longer than silk and doesn’t stretch as bad.

If you are concerned about the integrity of your pearls for any reason we will inspect them free of charge and make recommendations as needed. And if you do leave your pearls for restringing please make sure you know how many pearls you are leaving to have restrung and check them when they are returned to you.

Reasons for restringing pearls:
  • They have stretched leaving gaps between the pearls
  • The string is frayed
  • The string has become discolored from wear
  • Broken at the clasp or some where in the strand

Note: If your pearl strand has broken the entire strand has to be restrung. There is no method for reconnecting a broken pearl strand that will last.


How much is my ring worth? We get this question often.

This is a tough question to tackle on the spot. Often the customer is asking us this to see how much they can get for it if they decide to sell it or they might be wanting to purchase it from a friend or to get it insured. The jeweler will not be able to simply look a piece of jewelry and put a value on it especially if it is a complicated piece with multiple stones. To get the true value an actual appraisal is necessary.

When doing an appraisal the jeweler will try to determine what it would cost to replace the item if a claim was filed with an insurance company. To determine that cost accurately requires time and knowledge especially if the item is unique or has a large quality gemstone set in the piece. If any jeweler looks at your jewelry and instantly quotes you a value, then as a customer you should be suspicious as he is doing you and himself a disservice.

Appraisal Costs
  • First Item: $75
  • Additional Items: quoted hourly

Our appraisals are based on the current retail price for an item that can be repurchased and on items that are no longer available the appraisals are based on what the cost would be to custom make the piece as much like the original as possible. If you have a plain wedding band or something simple we can give you a retail value estimate fairly quickly but for any other piece of jewelry you will need to leave the item(s) with the jeweler so that he can do the in depth research and prepare the proper documentation for your insurance companies.

Reasons to Get an Appraisal


Most home insurance policies have a set limit on what they pay for jewelry losses. This amount varies from policy to policy but most are only in the $1500.00 to $5000.00 range with the smaller number being the most common. With an appraisal you can schedule all your jewelry on your home owners policy and it is usually at a very reasonable rate. In Knoxville it usually costs about $1.50 per $100.00 of coverage per year. Lets say you have a $5000.00 engagement ring. So we would divide $5000.00 by $100.00 which equals 50. We then multiply 50 x $1.50 which equals $75.00 per year to cover your engagement ring.

Estate Planning or Settlement

If you have a living will and testament, having an appraisal on your jewelry can make it much easier for those left to settle your estate. Probate court will require an appraisal before it can distribute your estate after your passing. It is much easier to get this done while you are living. This will help in distributing your assets as you see fit, resulting in less confusion for those still living.

Peace of Mind

Just knowing how much you have invested in your jewelry and that it will be covered regardless of what happens is a good feeling. Most of the time when I appraise or reappraise someone’s jewelry they are amazed at the total accumulative value. Even if it has been appraised and insured, most of the time the coverage is inadequate due to the increase in jewelry costs over the last ten years. We always recommend that you check with your insurance company about the coverage you have and how often they recommend getting it reappraised.

FREE Cleaning & Inspection

You are always welcome to bring your jewelry in for free cleaning and inspection. If we determine that your jewelry is in need of repair we will explain what we see wrong and your options for repairing the problem will be explained in detail along with the cost to you. We understand that jewelry can be very important to you but sometimes the cost of repair can be more than what makes sense for that piece. Therefore we will only recommend fixing something that is integral to the longevity of the piece.

*Some silver jewelry may have to be sent out for laser welding as it cannot be heated during repair.